Bullying And Depression And Anxiety From Being Bullied Essay

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How many more kids have to go on medication for depression and anxiety from being bullied? Fear of bullies keeps 160,000 kids out of school each year(Battling Bullying) How many more have to make up excuses to not want to go to school because of bullying? How many more kids need to die by their own hand or the bully’s hand? We need bullying to be contained. Bullying is a big issue now in this modern generation because it is fought more with words than fists. Bullies are still physical when bullying, but for the most part they are verbal and tear you down with words by saying them over and over to the point you start believing what they say yourself. Bullies even tear you apart on the internet a more effective way to mess up your life. The thing about bullying is the more than just one way to bully someone.

The most known form of bullying is physical where kids are beaten up as entertainment and used as punching bags by other kids to let out frustration. Being physically bullied by someone is hard because that person or group gives cuts, bruises and even scars on its victim’s bodies. Sometimes a bully takes it too far to the point of death like what happen to Bailey O’Neill. It was said by Bailey’s family that he was jumped by his two classmates during recess and having suffered a concussion along with a broken nose. Not too long the next day Bailey started having seizures and was put under a medically induced coma and the devastating news was weeks in the hospital he died(…

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