Essay on Bullying Among Adolescents Today Society

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This paper will be examining bullying amongst adolescents in today society. There are no known treatment options, but there are plenty other aspects that can be observed within this topic. In this paper we will be taking a closer look at the reasons for this type of behavior in young adults, the possible outcomes, and the effects on society as a whole. The loss of a life is too important for awareness on bullying to not be a goal. Making people aware of how life threatening bullying has proven to be will hopefully give bullying the attention it deserves. Society needs to teach the youth that every action has a reaction and treating others the way you want to be treated are very important.

Bullying When you think of bullying what comes to mind? A kid taking someone’s lunch money, giving someone a swirly in the boy’s bathroom, or their homework done for them out of fear. Bullying behavior amongst adolescents have various patterns; physical, verbal, exclusion, rumor, and cyber. Bullying is now experienced in more ways than before causing young adults to suffer in school, at home, and on the internet. Bullying, regardless of direct or indirect infliction, holds long-term effects on the victim. Direct bullying constitutes physical or verbal abuse through bodily harm, threats, humiliation and ridicule (Schoen & Schoen, 2010). Similar to direct bullying, indirect bullying are actions that intimidate one through gestures and exclusion, as well as rumors and insults through…

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