Narrative Essay On Bully 101

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Bullying 101; an untold story
It’s the end of our 6th grade year, we can’t wait to be in 7th grade and at the junior high! Meeting friends at our lockers in between class, getting out earlier, and even being treated like we are more mature, it was all going to be so great; or so I thought. It was around the middle of my 7th grade year that I found out how much bullying can break you down. As things started out it was just small talk, calling me a whore, or ugly but I could simply ignore this. Eventually things weren’t that easy, in class they would all stand around my desk and spit as they talked making fun of my last name. You see my last name(s) is Anderson- coover, to bullies it was Kayla and her son Coover. I was even told at one point
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I cant even describe to you in words how I felt, every night I would ask myself why I wasn’t dead, I wanted to die more than I ever imagined was possible. I wrote a few notes about how I wanted to jump off a bridge, or even just bleed out, one day the guidance was notified of these notes. Finally, after so long they wanted to “help” but what I didn’t understand was that their help was only to send me to CAP and not punish those putting me into the position I was in. CAP was a school in Leechburgh that troubled, depressed, and kids who needed special guidance were sent to, we were the outcast kids. My depression was at full extent by this time, crying myself to sleep every night, suicidal thoughts taking over my mind, attempting to cut myself a few times, I now realized I needed the help offered to me by CAP. As I spent the remaining time of my 7th grade year there at CAP things were beginning to look up. I made a few friends there and we always helped one another when we could, my teachers and counselors there were the most amazing and understanding people I had ever met, and I noticed my depression was getting a lot better! Before I even realized I was smiling more and it was the end of the year, I could go back to

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