Bullying: Film Analysis

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Bullying is a common form of violence in schools that has a negative influence on students’ and the school as a whole. Bullying is considered violence which endangers the lives of its victims. The film Bully depicts the reality and consequences of bullying and takes a look at how bullying has affected the lives of children and their families.
The families documented in this film were followed over the course of a full school year. This film sends a powerful message revealing how much of a problem bullying has become in society. Adults, including parents, teachers and school staff, need to be educated about bullying and its severity in today’s society on children. At the beginning of the documentary, the school administrators appear to be
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Also, a school administrator forced a victim to shake the bully’s hand who physically and verbally bullies the student continued ignored the victim’s concerns and told him he should accept the bully’s apology. Each family reflected on how their child’s school administration was not taking action to prevent bullying inside school walls. One family experienced bullying to the point where the child faced criminal charges for trying to take action on her own. It seemed as if the school administration and employees in this film would not accept the fact that bullying is a problem. I disagree with the comments by school staff that “kids will be kids” and that “kids should work it out”. Teachers and school administrators should be teaching students about bullying and its consequences and how to take action when others are seen being bullied. Throughout the film Bully, the five children and their families struggled for their voices to be heard in …show more content…
Targeted students can be provided with various supports including checking in with teachers at the end of each day to report any bullying incidents and helping victims develop positive connections with other students (who do not participate in bullying) to help boost victims’ confidence and make new friends. Bullying is violence that causes more physical and emotional damage to victims that it may appear to. The film Bully reveals the powerful yet negative results bullying has on the lives of victims. In order to reduce the occurrences of bullying and its influence on victims, teachers, administrators, families and children must become more educated about bullying and how to handle it

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