Bully Essay: The Many Causes And Effects Of Bullying

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Bullying has always been a problem in our society whether it’s in the workplace, school, home, or even online. The definition of a bully according to Dictionary.com is “A person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people”. Bullying is never a fun experience to have. I say this because when I was in elementary school I was always teased about my weight which caused me to become self conscious about eating in front of the other students and end up not eating lunch at all. Overall bullying can have many causes and serious effects on the victims of bullying.
Bullying can have many different causes. First, bullies may bother other people because they have an anger problem. To illustrate, In Sally Kuykendall’s “Bullying” “People who acted
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Second, Depression can be both a cause and effect for bullying for example in an editorial by Dr. Phillip Bland “A previous prospective cohort study from the USA found that only children who were both victims and bullies were at significantly increased risk of depression as young adults.” (Dr, Phillips Bland). This example shows the cause and effect depression can have on a young adult that is either the bully or victim. Third, suicide linked to depression can be the most severe outcome of bullying. for example in “Canadian Journal of Psychiatry” by Mark Sinyor, Ayal Schaffer, and Amy Cheung “ Karch et al examined 1046 suicide deaths among youth aged 10 to 17 in the United States and found that mental illness and (or) substance abuse, intimate partner or other relationship problems, and school problems were the most common precipitating circumstances, with bullying accounting for 12.4% of school problems, translating into 3.2% of all cases.” (Mark Sinyor, Ayal Schaffer, Amy Cheung). This piece shows us how severe suicide is with young victims of bullying. Lastly, bullying comes with many severe consequences …show more content…
For example causes for bullying would be anger issues, poor decision skills, and being a victim of bullying themselves while effects are depression, poor attention and grades, and suicide. As a result making bullying a dreadful and depressing experience to go though. Overall, bullying is a vicious cycle that must be stopped at the source before it causes more long term or deadly

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