Cause Of Child Poverty

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Upon researching the causes of child poverty, one will learn that parental income is only a small portion of the sum of unified factors. To name a few; political, communal, environmental, and societal influences all play a role. For example; with the move from a widespread agricultural to a more contained industrial society, the number of jobs in many areas has decreased immensely. Meaning, the average number of "ignorant" workers has decreased also. More and more Americans are reaching poverty each day. Children begin to suffer due to their parents being unemployed. Every day 1 in every 4 children is born into poverty. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 1995). This may cause many repercussions in children, that could follow them throughout adolescence …show more content…
This may cause the child to lose strength and feel weak, which will then increase their stress level. This can cause a vicious cycle that is hard to recover from without any help. The parents usually feel just as bad, if not worse because of it. The negativity exuding from the child is guaranteed to have implications, especially when they are not allotted the same things as their friends. It becomes the belief of the parents that they have “failed” at parenting. Childhood poverty leads to a "knock on effect" on the rest of the family. For instance, a bully at school can decrease the child’s self image and furthermore will affect their capacity to form secure, meaningful relationships. The parents will can lead to disorder between parents and their children, because parents will feel they have lost family ties.This results in depression and pursuance of new parenting …show more content…
With less work opportunities many people have to settle for inadequate salaries until provided a better opportunity. There is currently an increase in the number of single parents, due to death rates and an increase in the divorce rate. With a single source of income, and no spousal support, single parents are forced to depend solely on income support. As a result, they will never escape

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