Essay about Bulimia Nervosa Is An Eating Disorder

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"Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person binges and purges. Bingeing means eating a large amount of food in a short period of time. Purging means getting rid of all the food by self-induced vomiting; abuse of laxatives, diet pills, and/or diuretics, excessive exercising; or fasting"( Teen Health and Wellness 2015). All over the world studies have been conducted and have shown that bulimia currently affects 1 to 3 percent of middle and high school girls and 1 to 4 percent of the women enrolled in college. Although people may think bulimia just affects females, an average of 10 percent of the people who are diagnosed with bulimia are males. While most cases and diagnoses have been given to people in their late teen and early twenties, more adolescents are starting to affect them at ages younger than ever before (Teen Health and Wellness 2015). Bulimia Nervosa prevents teens from becoming whole due to the ideas of perfectionism, lack of body image, and emotional trauma, but for teens dealing with this there are numerous resources to overcome this obstacle. Many people would believe that having high standards, striving for the best achievements, and having a strong sense of character is a good thing to possess. However, sometimes these standards can become dark and turn on the person who set out those goals. Perfectionism is on the other side of this, perfectionism begins to happen when a person sets up standards that are so high they cannot be met, or are only…

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