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Task 1 : The organisational purposes of businesses 2

Task 2: The nature of national environment in which businesses
Operate 4

Task 3 : The behaviour of organisations in their market
Environment 7

Task 4 : The importance of global factors which shape the national business activities 9

Business Environment Assessment

This piece of work aims to provide a comprehensive overview of specific topics related to business environment domain. There are four main objectives which the present piece of work intends to achieve and they include: to provide a clear description of the
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In terms of products and services, OFCOM offers Radio-communication Licenses, TV and internet licenses to their clients and monitors if the users are satisfied with the products distributed by the small firms and businesses providers of those services (The Economist, 2009).

Three main objectives OFCOM has include:
OB 1. To regulate Tv and radio industries as well as postal services, fixed lines phones, mobiles and wireless devices operation in the UK.
OB 2. To ensure users in the UK get the best services and products from their communication providers.
OB 3. To follow throughout the provision of Communication Act (2003) which says to further the citizens interests and consumers ones. To also resolve complaints and non-compliance among communication businesses.

These objectives will be monitored in order to ensure they are achieved based on a few regulatory principles:
• OFCOM will regulate using a clear and articulate annual review which is public and addresses the policy objectives.
• OFCOM will intervene if there is a statutory duty in order to work towards achieving a public policy goal not attainable by the markets alone.
• OFCOM will act with a bias against intervention, but with the prompt, firm and effective willingness.
• OFCOM will

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