Building Your Brand and Image in the Music Business Essay

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Building Your Brand and Image

There are several key areas to concentrate on when developing your brand and image. These aspects include but are not limited to; your look, your stage presence, your online presence, presentation to fans, and presentation to industry leaders and other people in your line of work. The 3 p’s of branding are: preparing your brand, packaging your brand, and presenting your brand. It is important to find what makes an artist unique and create an opportunity where there is none. As you prepare your brand you have to ask yourself several questions. What do you want to be known for? Do you reflect this in your personal life, and what are goals at the end of all of this? These questions are important to ask
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If you have the money, invest in a stylist, it’s probably worth it. If not, spend more time on this. You need to develop a clean image with photo / video shoots. When you appear in interviews, you need to be recognizable and of course develop your stage look along with your performance. It also goes without saying to act and dress professional when meeting with music executives and other players in the background. Even in the background, dress the part, listen, act knowledgeable, and don’t appear desperate. Just Thankful. Another thing to never forget is a good business card. This might be a more important for the managers, and other members of an artist’s team. Looking back on this meeting, I find myself realizing that all of these things are common sense, but that doesn’t negate the value of this seminar. It brought many things to my attention that will stick with me in the future. It is important to remember the importance of making yourself memorable. I can see finding a style that is distinct to you and sticking with it for a period of time is a good way of getting people to identify you and remember you. Since I am in the management area, I will have to consult my artists on these things and we will have to produce a product that isn’t forgettable. Even when an artist is just starting out, he or she needs to beginning acting their part whenever they’re out in public because every interaction they have is a reflection of their music and their

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