Building Working Relationships Throughout The Workplace Essay

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Building working relationships throughout the workplace

Throughout the workplace from the very beginning to the end of any professional job will be based upon the relationships you build with individuals. These relationships are not only working relationships but relationships with the client or customers of your organizations. No matter what position you hold in the organization the relationships you build will become your success or your failure. The old saying treat others as you want to be treated can be very well respected when you are building up a relationship with an individual on any level. When you are in the profession of Human Resources, you are placed in a role to deal with many different personalities, situations, circumstances and excuses that will all be based off of the relationships you have with your peers or fellow coworkers. I would like to explore a few types of relationships that you may encounter, show some positive and negatives ways it can be effected and relate to some historical examples to help provide a better understanding how important relationships are in the workplace. To begin I’d like to start from the first encounter with a new employee during orientation or training. Training is where you prepare for the job, learn and identify your position and place within the organization. Here you will begin to build working relationships with your new team members. During training you may be asked to participate in a group building activity in…

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