Building Type Basics For College And University Facilities Essay examples

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I have enjoyed reading, The Facility Management Handbook and Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities. These are two books that have made me have a better appreciation and respect for the work that goes into facility management and how campuses lay out strategic campus plans to ensure that costs are contained, but to also ensure that campuses look great to attract students, but to also remember that there are infrastructures that need to be in place to also preserve the campuses, but also modernized them based on the goals and mission of a university.
I agree that a well-functioning campus is the result of a careful planned and keen managed plan (Neuman, 2013). It is very important for campus administrators to realize that this plan has to be organized and thought out effectively. When a campus is being developed or design, there has to be a balance of historical presence, but you also want to ensure that you have new structures as well. As more campuses are now going towards insuring green space or being LEED efficient, these factors are very important.
On an educational campus, there are at least two core programs which are academic and administrative (Neuman, 2013). Three other programs that have grown and that are now being viewed as separate are housing, recreation/athletics, and student services (Neuman, 2013). The core mission of any institution is academics, and if you really look at an institution all other services are really something…

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