Building Structure And Building Structures Essay

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Building structure is a combination of several aspects that act as a building. The information about the building structure is significant to assess the structural vulnerability of a building from various hazards. The construction materials, style and type of the buildings depends on the usage such as residential, commercial, light industrial and special buildings. The building construction types for the residential buildings are separate houses, semi-detached and apartment buildings. Commercial construction types consist predominately of, load bearing masonry, concrete frame with or without shear wall and steel frame with or without concrete shear core. These construction types also have a combination of, timber, concrete columns or steel beams floors and unreinforced masonry (and other material) exterior walls. Industrial construction types consist of unreinforced and reinforced masonry walls with supporting steel roof, steel frame with steel clad walls or unreinforced masonry walls with steel roof, small and large panel precast walls with supporting steel roof, concrete first floor with steel portal above and unreinforced masonry walls and single storey with concrete basement with steel portal superstructure and precast walls or steel frame and concrete pan basement with steel superstructure. The structural system of the building will affect its replacement cost. As an example, with other aspects being equal, a building constructed using a braced steel frame will…

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