Building Shelters For Homeless People Essay

2248 Words Apr 27th, 2016 9 Pages
Today, because of life demands, competition for jobs becomes one of the keenest problems in our society. To achieve that goal, people defeat each other through intelligence, talent, and strength. The winners will become successful, and the losers will work for their opponents, or they may even lose everything if they do not have efforts. Because of losing jobs or many other reasons, they may become poor or even homeless. The number of the homeless is raising larger and larger, so the need for the homeless shelters is necessary and urgent. Therefore, there are two debatable sides in the society that are arguing about that issue: Building shelters for the homeless. One side says that building more shelters for homeless people is very essential nowadays. On contrast, the other side says that it is not going to improve the situation as well as better homeless people. I think both debatable sides have their own logical reasons for this problem, and it is hard to decide which side is correct.
Many people support that shelters should be built more and more for the homeless. In other words, the society should give the homeless the places that they can call home, they can feel safe in, and they can make a change from that help. People cannot understand how it feels until they fall into the homelessness. Just a tiny help such as a piece of bread or a slender blanket also can touch the bottom of their heart. Moreover, most of the homeless are women and children who are worth to protect…

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