Building Regulations Essay

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Unit: Building Regulations and Control in Construction
Title: The origins and purpose of building control

Pass 1
UK Building Regulations:
The first building control legislation in England dates back to the Great Fire of London in 1666. The reasons why it spread out so quickly were the proximity of the timber buildings. The government of the day realised this and introduced by-laws to try to prevent it from happening again. So in 1667 they introduced the London Building Act. However it was not until 1774 that the District Surveyors in London were appointed to enforce these laws.
Around this time due to the Industrial Revolution other towns were rapidly expanding and they started to experience similar problems that London had
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Pass 2
Building act
The Act was implemented as a result of The Great Fire of London. Today, The Building Act 1984 deals with all aspects relating to the built environment. It gives powers to inspectors to introduce new building regulations.
The Building Regulations lay down health and safety standards for the construction of all types of building work, including new build, extensions, internal alterations, underpinning, cavity wall insulation and change of use.
The Kyoto Protocol was an agreement negotiated by many countries in December 1997 and came into force with Russia's ratification on February 16, 2005. The reason for the lengthy time span between the terms of agreement being settled upon and the protocol being finalized was due to terms of Kyoto requiring at least 55 parties to ratify the agreement and for the total of those parties’ emissions to be at least 55% of global production of greenhouse gases. The protocol was developed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Participating countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol have committed to cut emissions of not only carbon dioxide, but of also other greenhouse gases, being: * Methane (CH4) * Nitrous oxide (N2O) * Hydrofluorocarbons
If countries

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