Building Cross Functional Teams And Promoting A Team Environment

1677 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
When working as a hired consultant for a chief executive officer of a health care organization on how to improve tools and practices to work in teams more efficiently. How to build cross functional teams and work together to improve the decision making process. We are going to identify elements found in an effective health care team. Work on identifying barriers to communications that can happen in groups. Work on identifying communication techniques that can be utilized in avoiding conflicts. Work on ways to improve communication among departments in health care organizations. Work on identifying areas that can be used to avoid recurring conflicts and ways for a leader to work on preventing conflict in a team environment.
First we are going to work on identifying elements that can be found in an effective health care work group. The first element is for the team to have a commitment to leadership and organization. The team needs to have an organization that is committed to developing quality teams and promoting a team environment. The team also needs a committed leader to flourish or the team will not be sustainable. The second element is for the leader of the team to understand what the team was formed for and be willing to integrate new philosophies into the team and the ideas that come from the team. The next element is for the team to have motivation which means that the team is committed to delivering a new concept and will work well together for the end…

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