Essay on Building Best Practice in Human Resource Management

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Table of Contents Executive Summary: 2 Introduction: 2 Human Resource Management Defined: 3 The Historical Development of Human Resource Management: 3 The Welfare Tradition: 4 Scientific Management: 4 The Behavioural Science Movement: 5 Best Human Resource Management Practices: 6 1.Flexibility: 6 2. Recruitment and Selection: 8 3. Training and Development: 10 4. Communication: 11 5. Managing 12 6. Performance Appraisal: 13 Difference between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management 13 Nature of relations 13 Relation of power and management 14 Pay policies and job design 16 Theorists: 16 Pfeffer’s 7 Best HR Practices Theory (1998): 16 1. Employment security 16 2. Careful recruitment …show more content…
Its originslay primarily the growth of ‘The Factory System” (Lecture slides – Noel Harvey)

Human Resource Management was developed due to two important factors in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, these are known as; 1. The Welfare Tradition 2. Scientific Management

The Welfare Tradition:
The Welfare Tradition first began in a number of big companies in England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was developed because the working environment for employees was poor, employees had very few benefits. The Welfare Tradition, (which can be otherwise identified as industrial welfare), is a serious of voluntary decisions, not compulsory decisions, adopted by certain companies to help upgrade the surroundings, the environment and the situation for factory workers, at work and at home. “(E.g. Health and safety, housing, education, pay and working hours)” (Human Resource Management in Ireland-Gunnigle, Heraty, and Morley, 2011 pg. 2)

Scientific Management:
Scientific Management was a very important influence factor on the development of Human resource management, which also became known as ‘Taylorism’.

“In the USA, F. W. Taylor led the way by pointing to the efficiency and profitability benefits to be gained through greater standardization of work systems and methods.” (Human Resource Management in Ireland-Gunnigle,

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