Building An Fcn Model Of Care For The Local Church Senior 's Citizen

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The purpose statement of this DNP proposal will be to develop an FCN model of care for the local church senior’s citizen center. Currently, the center offers trips, meetings, prayer, crafts, fire safety, and meals, but nothing to promote the health and well-being of parishioners.
The general question for this project is “Will developing an FCN model of care for the church senior citizen parishioners improve understanding of the disease self-management?”
The practice-focused questions include:
i. What challenges are faced by the church senior citizen parishioners with understanding health care and disease self-management, and the family members of the faith-based community? ii. What are the challenges faced by Faith Community Nurses in role transition when dealing with church seniors citizen parishioners? iii. What are the perceived needs of church senior citizen parishioners and the barriers to meeting health needs?
The knowledge generated will be useful in ensuring that FCN models are implemented in other regions to promote better patients outcomes not only for the senior citizens but also among other affected people. By answering the research questions, the DNP proposal will show the need for advocating for parish nursing and making parish nursing available to church senior centers.
Nature of the Doctoral Project
A comprehensive literature review will be used to provide evidence for this doctoral proposal. The sources of evidence are Cumulative Index to Nursing and…

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