Building A Universal Cloud Project Management System Essay

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1. Solution
To remove the invisible wall between Global IT and the R&D teams, we propose to establish a universal cloud project management system. The system’s main purpose is to provide a platform where each Boston Scientific R&D team can conceptualize, organize, and manage their projects on an easily accessible cloud platform. This would allow the R&D teams to develop new devices, product systems, and the supporting electronic medical equipment on a system that automatically provides detailed status reports, real-time activity updates, and customized workflows. Additionally, the system can be customized to the R&D’s Product Life Cycle Process for a seamless transition from Microsoft Project to the cloud system. By establishing such a system, Global IT and other departments could assist in new product development and Digital Health implementation through a transparent means of communication.

Establishing a universal cloud project management system would assist in a more horizontally integrated and transparent reporting process. As seen in Appendix 1, the current reporting process between Global IT and R&D is cumbersome, slow, and uncommunicative resulting in fewer Digital Health implementations. By providing a system where projects are freely collaborative and viewable by the entire organization, there would be no need for a reporting process or time consuming status meetings. Managers and Executives could opt in for weekly status reports automatically generated by the…

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