Essay on Building A Supportive School Community

1274 Words May 14th, 2015 null Page
Building supportive school communities is very important not only for the students and parents, but also for the teachers. When parents, administrator and teachers build a supportive school community the learning done by students with exceptionalities grows tremendously. The more support there is between the different parties within a schools environment, the safer it is for all students, not just the students with exceptionalities. Once parents, administrators, and teachers work together the better and easier life will be for everyone involved in the life of children. To build a supportive school community it starts with the principal wanting to work with families, promoting collaboration and monitoring students’ academic achievement, and working to create an inclusive school environment The first step to building a school community is working with families and understanding that each family is different and will want to have a different approach to their child’s needs. Schools need to make each family feel a part of the school with an accepting and supportive school environment, by building strong positive relationships with the families. It is really important that when school personal are trying to build a strong relationship with families they are working jointly with them as well. When teachers are working jointly with the parents of the student with exceptionalities they will be able to build an environment where the student, parents, and teachers can learn together.…

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