Building A Safe And Structured Learning Environment Essay

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Classroom management is something that all teachers provide in order to establish a safe and structured learning environment. According to Wong (n.d), an effective teacher will have a plan in place that provides students with a clear understanding of procedures and rules necessary for the class to function in a manner for learning to take place. Effectively managing a group of students requires having knowledge of various strategies and the ability to implement them so that the focus is on teaching and learning rather than discipline. This paper will address the school/class environment and the purpose of establishing class rules.
Willy Wonka Elementary school is a public school that has 625 students in attendance. I will be teaching twenty-one third grade students. The class consists of students from varying social classes, nationalities, and academic and behavioral ability. There are twelve girls and nine boys, two Caucasian, twelve African-American, and seven Hispanic students. Two students have individualized educational plans, three are identified as having attention deficit hyper activity disorder, one student is autistic, one student is academically gifted, four students are working below grade level and the remaining students are on grade level. The student with autism is permitted to have items like Velcro for sensory motor purposes.
It is very important to establish clear and understandable rules on the first day of school. Rules help students…

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