Essay about Building A Reputation With A Graveyard

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Building a Reputation with a Graveyard Since its creation as a college in 1903, Cal Poly has been a school well known for its prestigious Engineering and Agriculture degrees. Nowadays, however, Cal Poly has another major that people immediately think of when one mentions our school, Architecture. In 2014, Cal Poly was named the number one Undergraduate Architecture program in the nation, beating out other esteemed universities such as Cornell and USC. Rome was not built overnight however, so one may ask, “When did Cal Poly become such a great Architecture school?” How did a school focused mainly on Agriculture and Engineering become one that is synonymous nowadays with Architecture? The answer is simple, and it lies in a unique, absolutely beautiful spot on the Cal Poly campus called the Architectural Design Village, or better known as the Architecture Graveyard. A comparison of the newspapers El Mustang from 1963-64 and the Mustang Daily from 1979 shows there is concrete evidence that there was a shift in the focus of Cal Poly from a school primarily known for its Engineering and Agriculture programs, to one that became synonymous with stellar architects due to the increased usage and coverage of the Architectural Design Village during Poly Royal. The main focus of this paper will be on the growth of the Architecture major at Cal Poly, and how the Architectural Design Village played a pivotal role in its ascension. To represent this growth, an article from the 1979…

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