Building A Quality Organization At Parkland Hospital Essay

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Getting the right people in the right positions is one of the most difficult yet critical aspects of building a quality organization. This means having a hiring process that not only attracts top potential employees, but also evaluates them and ensures that they are ready and able to perform the tasks and assume the responsibilities the organization requires. In a hospital setting, the hiring process is even more critical because so many of the positions in the organization have direct impact on the lives of others. The hospital must maintain high standards in hiring and have an effective and efficient process.
The Current Hiring Process
At Parkland Hospital, the hiring process is formalized, with specific steps that must take place at each stage. These steps typically involve human resources (HR) working together with the department in need of the employee, although there are some actions that HR executes independently. For an existing position, the department first reports an opening or anticipated opening to HR. This may be someone who has turned in a notice, someone who is on disciplinary review or who has quit, or someone that the hospital plans to move to another position within the organization.
Upon receiving the staff need, the HR department posts the job opening internally and usually externally, although there are some positions where internal applicants are given the first opportunity to apply. A set period has been established by HR for taking applications…

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