Essay on Building A Disaster Recovery Plan

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Business are important for communities, they generate employment for the population, revenue and provide services need by the community. Maintaining and updating Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP), can decrease potential looses and increase business success during the recovery phase.
Every year, thousands of businesses are affected during natural or men-made disasters, some of them never reopen due to the lack of resources and knowledge to sustain business operation during a disaster. Business owners have the obligation to create, implement and maintain Disaster recovery plans (DRP) in order to successfully accomplish continuity of operations and a speedy recovery, during the recovery phase. Emergency Managers can assist local business owners in elaborating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), following FEMA guidelines; however, is up to the business owners to implement and update the Disaster Recovery Plan. Business owners also have several resources online where they can conduct research and obtain the tools to successfully create and maintain a Disaster Recovery plan. There are five phases in constructing a disaster recovery plan, and they are: “Program management, Planning, implementation, testing and exercises and program improvements” (Protecting your business / FEMA).
The Program management phase, is the first step in implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), during this phase the business owner conducts an area assessment in order to identify all the hazards that could…

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