How to Build a Barebones Pc Essay examples

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A computer is an electronic device that stores, retrieves, and processes data, and can be programmed with instructions. A computer is composed of hardware and software, and can exist in a variety of sizes and configurations. Hardware is the physical equipment of a computer system, including the central processing unit (CPU), data-storage devices, terminals, printer, etc. Software is a program or set of instructions or rules that control the operation of a computer. The most obvious hardware component is the computer case. The case is where size comes into play. A bigger case allows more room for components. A bigger case is most often used for servers. For basic home computing needs, a small or mid-sized case is most common. Cases also …show more content…
It is an adapter card that displays digital signals on the screen in the form of images. The video display card contains necessary circuitry to create a video signal that can be processed by a computer display. There are many different types of video cards with varying capabilities regarding monitor size supported and total number of displayable colors. All these input and output devices are connected to the I/O card. All of the hardware components are put into action through software. There are two types of software. One type is system operating software which control, support and manage overall operations. An example of this is Microsoft Windows. The second type is application software which enables users to manipulate data into info. An example of this is Microsoft Office.
There are other components that can be added to a PC but are not necessary for the computer to operate properly. A common extra is the CD-ROM drive. ROM stands for read only memory. This drive allows you to store large amounts of data for a long period of time. There are two other similar types of storage devices. One kind is the CD-R where “R” stands for recordable. This kind can only record data once. The second kind is CD-RW. In this case the RW stands for rewritable. This kind write data hundreds of times. All these forms of optional non-volatile memory also apply to DVD, or digital

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