Pros And Cons Of Biotechnology

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Mamar Tavasol
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Build-a-Better-Baby Workshop In the following paper, I will be arguing that expanding people’s autonomy in making decisions on advancements in biotechnology directly affecting them or their children is not an unethical act. In the prompt, the case of Jasmine and Katarina, a same-sex couple living in the future that is interested in having a child is presented. This couple has many different requests about the child they want; including the sex, sexual orientation, physical attributes, and intelligence. There are many objections that may be raised to using biotechnology to alter the natural way of reproduction; however, most can be refuted through reasoning and environmental adjustments. Biotechnology serves to
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This argument presumes that evolution and natural selection are always moving toward the betterment of humans. However, there is lots of evidence for the contrary. Natural selection has led to many variations in the human genome, and although most are beneficial, they all rely on the environment that we live in to stay constant enough for the changes to stay beneficial. Examples of natural selection leading to inefficiency in our lives include having wisdom teeth, and having a desire for unhealthy foods. Furthermore, the fact that natural selection is random also shows that although we have some control of the environment we are in, we have no control of how we can adapt to the changes in the environment. This problem could easily be solved through biotechnological advances that allow for us to alter ourselves and our …show more content…
This argument again focuses on the fear of the unknown and uses no convincing evidence that proves that there is something dangerous to be uncovered from tweaking the human genome in order to make improvements. Besides, most new technological advances have a period of trial and error in which the technology is perfected and improved. Knowing this, it seems illogical to vote against the advancement of biotechnology geared toward the improvement of human

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