Essay on Budget Cut

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IS THERE REALLY A BUDGET CUT? An Analysis of Government Financing for the University of the Philippines Recent calls made by progressive student organizations, including faculty and administrators of state universities and colleges (SUCs), most notable of which is the University of the Philippines (UP), have made the issue of a budget cut rise again. They assert that the present administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III has continued the tradition of his predecessor in slashing the budget allotted for the education sector, and basic social services in general. Is this true as is there really a budget cut? Or is there merely a blind analysis of the proposed budget? Policy Basis for Financing The rationale on how the government makes …show more content…
Policy Guidelines on Financing for UP education. Another one of the most salient features of its report was the trifocalization of the educational system into three (3) sectors, namely: basic education, higher education, and technical-vocational education and training. Each sector was to be administered by an administrative entity independent of each other, contrary to the setup at the time where the then Department of Education, Culture and Sports administered the entire education system. For higher education, it was then proposed that a Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) be established composed of a Chairman and four (4) Commissioners, who are holders of doctorate degrees, be the overall administrators of the higher education sector. Basically, the educational system was trifocalized to give government focus on each sector, for each sector has a varied importance and composition in terms of administration and improvement needed. The focus of government was then and now basic education. Then in 1994, Congress passed the Higher Education Act in consonance to the EDCOM report, which created the CHEd. In 1998, Congress again passed a law granting SUCs the autonomy to use their savings and revenues. Under the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1998, SUCs are given the liberty on how to utilize their incomes without reverting

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