Budget Analysis : Budget Worksheet Essay

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Budget Analysis I found the budget worksheet to be very interesting. Prior to this assignment I use to think how hard it could be for those above us just to pay off the debt and balance the budget? However, I now realize it is not as easy as perceived. With every cut I made, I had to sometimes go back and readjust my strategy; especially due to cause and effect. By 2015, I was able to accomplish a surplus of 600 billion, the year of 2030, I was able to add $1 trillion dollars.
During my decision making phase, I did not cut military spending, programs for the elderly nor take any money from those who are already minimal wage earners. Due to the increasing threats to the nation and recent surges in terrorist’s organizations, I feel keeping a well-equipped and staffed military is essential. Since September 11th, the reality that we have to keep terrorists off of the United States soil is imperative.
I did cut Social Security, but only for those who are rich enough to pay for their care. I am adamantly against raising the age of retirement over 62 because it seems unfair. I do realize there are many people who failed to plan properly for their old age, however, I don’t believe they should have to work until their death. There are many people who have planned responsibly, worked hard over decades, and often in hazardous or less then desirable condition. They deserve a time to relax. Although the World Health Organization (WHO), reports the average age of life expectancy to…

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