Buddhist Religion And The Buddhist Temple Essay

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Growing up in a Mexican American household, most likely one is to be raised Catholic. Therefore, as a young boy it became ordinary to follow and believe in what my parents instilled in me. Furthermore, I never had the courage to explore any other religion and get a sense of what other religions are about. However, now that I am taking Social Work 461 with Dr. Tillman, one of my assignments is to attend a religious service that is held by a group that is different from mine. As a result, I decided to attend a Buddhist temple to get an insight of what the Buddhist religion is about. One of the reasons why I chose to attend a Buddhist as oppose to any other religion was because of friend of mine who is Buddhist. I have always been curious about the Buddhist religion. In addition, my friend has invited me to attend a service, but I never felt comfortable going. However, when it came to this assignment I finally had the courage to go and attend a Buddhist temple.

I can honestly say that I was a bit hesitant to walk into a Buddhist temple. I felt that people were going to be staring at me because I did not talk or look like most of the people inside the temple. However, as soon as I walked into the temple I realized that the majority of the people did not speak any English. It made me feel like an outcast, I was in a setting that I did not feel comfortable. Therefore, I took the initiative to ask a couple of younger looking Asian adults if they spoke English. I was lucky enough…

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