Buddhism : The Oldest Religion Of The World Essay

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There is approximately five thousand different religions, belief systems and ritual practices throughout the world. From that number there is about twenty that are more popular throughout the world. According to Stephan Juan, “Christianity is the number one religion practiced in the world while Buddhism is number six” (Juan). However, Buddhism has become the fastest growing religion of the world. The earliest recorded date of Buddhism was the year 563 B.C.E, two thousand and five hundred years ago making Buddhism the oldest religion of the world. Buddhism started a few years after the birth of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal India. On the other hand, Christianity was formed around the year 33 A.D. Approximately 33years after Christ had died on the cross. Between these two religions, there are many differences, but also some underlining common facts that intertwine with each other when the two religion practices are put together. Between the two religions, they were both founded in different parts of the world contributing to different practices, laws and different beliefs. Christianity and Buddhism have different aspects of beliefs, laws and what the afterlife will be, while they also have similar beliefs in their devotion and religious practices. Buddhism believes in the Buddha. The Buddha, meaning the awakened one, was born 500 years before Christ and he teaches that he is human, therefore, there is no almighty God. Buddha 's main focus was that desire is the…

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