Buddhism, Religion And Social Systems Essay

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A religion with the involvement of many different nations, cultures and social systems, but with the same beliefs and practices of Siddhartha Gautama is identified as Buddhism. A religion of a dharmic world view of authority, cosmology, family, life cycle and morality that follow the life and teachings of the Buddha. Where the Buddhist texts are the ones followed as a guide in how to live and achieve enlightment in this world. Buddhism, a religion that is practiced around the world with a varying population density that are identified as Buddhist. Have their dharmic world view of differentility and uniqueness compared to other religions. Starting with authority in the dharmic world view of Buddhism it encompasses the thought that authority starts with us and only us. Due to that we don’t have to rely on a higher being to set us in the right path. Like in tribal religions where there is the Supreme Being, the one who created everything. While in Buddhism this doesn’t exist only the thought that you have the right to decide for yourself and only you create everything that surrounds you through your actions in this world. Though there is guidance through the sacred hierarchy that is the Buddha but since he is not with us anymore. The dhamma which is “the truth that he preached” (Pechilis 104) is the one who guides and is looked upon. As, the four noble truths that the Buddha explains through them that existence is unstable and impermanent and that all “existence is…

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