Buddhism Is Not A Religion Essay example

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There are a variety of definitions describing what religion is and what its components are, however, each definition can bring one to a closer understanding of what a religion truly is. John R. Hinnels, a professor of theology at University of London, defines religion as “a general term used to designate all concepts concerning the belief in gods and goddesses as well as other spiritual beings or transcendental ultimate concerns." The relevance of this definition is the way it approaches most of the characteristics of the majority of religions around the world. Buddhism is a way of life in which many people regard as a religious belief or faith. Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are some of the major world religions, which all have differences from Buddhism. However, there are multiple arguments that are made to argue that Buddhism is not a religion. Despite the fact that some people all over the world may classify Buddhism and a religion, it should not be considered a religion because it lacks three major characteristics that the other major religions have: it does not have a God or belief in a supernatural being, it does not have scripture or prayer, and it does not have an ultimate reality beyond.
The most prominent characteristic of world religions is that they have a God, or group of Gods, whereas Buddhism does not have a God or deities. Buddhism is solely intended to address the critical issue of human existence, the presence of suffering (Dharma), and it does…

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