Buddhism Is A Global Religion With Intricate System Of Beliefs

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Buddhism is a global religion with intricate system of beliefs primarily based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. The main goal of Buddhism is to attain the sublime state of Nirvana by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path. Buddhism emphasizes human suffering and seeks to end it by ridding ignorance and craving by understanding the Four Noble Truths. Buddhists also believe in karma and a cycle of rebirth. Also known as Gautama Buddha or Shakyamuni, Siddhartha Gautama is the oracle and founder of Buddhism. Although unsure by historians, Gautama is said to have lived within the 6th and 4th century BCE (possibly 566-480 BCE). As the son of an Indian king and warrior, Gautama was raised inside extravagant palace walls and relished amongst the perks and privileges of his social caste. As a prince destined to become a warrior-king like his father, Gautama was kept inside palace walls in fear that he’d seek for further truth of the world. Although despite his father’s efforts Gautama became bored by the indulgences of royal life and snuck past the palace walls in search of understanding. Outside the palace walls, Gautama encountered people from all walks of life including an old man, an ill man, a corpse and an ascetic. These experiences are known as the “Four Sights” that ultimately convinced Gautama that suffering lay at the end of all existence. These “Four Sights” led Gautama to become a monk, renouncing his princely name and stripping himself of worldly possessions. As a…

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