Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, And Taoism Essay

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It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. I have progressed quite a bit in my studies. This semester I took a class called Religion 203: Saints/Sins-Explore Sacred Bio that reminded me of you. I remember how you used to have your religious artifacts including the primate for Atheism. I sure miss you and I will try to write another letter soon about more than just religion. The course was split in two. I will be telling you about the second half of the course. In this time I learned a wealth of information about Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism. Earlier in the course we discussed Hinduism but that generally is not relevant to the paper I am writing. Do you know much about Buddhism? I remember a few of the interesting artifacts I saw with you. Before I took this course I could only think of one white Buddhist. Leah is a Buddhist, supposedly. It freaks Nana out but I do not think she is really committed to the life of a monk. The original Buddha I once had originated from India out of a noble family. They made him stay inside his palace but one day he traveled the streets of his city and saw the great suffering of mankind.
We learned about a women named Tenzin Palmo. I read one of her books and watched an interesting interview with her. She started her life as a young British woman interested in Asian culture and men. Her life changed when she read a book about Buddhism at the age of 18 and concluded it was her rightful religion. Two years later she traveled to…

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