Buddhism, Buddhism And Its Roots Essay

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Buddhism is another major belief system in this world. Though not one of the largest, it is still a religion that many people follow. It was founded many years ago and it is one of the older belief systems in this world. I have only known a few people who are Buddhists and I have always seen Buddhism as a very peaceful way of life. Buddhism is more of a philosophy of life that helps the individual reach his or her highest potential. This research has definitely taught me more about the beauties of Buddhism and humility that followers of this faith have. It has also helped me to a greater appreciation of this faith. First I learned more about the history of Buddhism. Buddhism is another religion that has its roots in India. It was started approximately 2,500 years ago and it is dominant religion in the East. It is actually a nontheistic religion, in that there is no belief in God. This does not make Buddhists atheists though, it is just that they do not have a belief in the idea of God. The founder of Buddhism is an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama, an Indian prince who lived around 500 BCE. He was part of a Hindu family and he was also part of a very wealthy family. He never left the confines of his palace so he was sheltered from the outside world. I find the story of Buddhism a very touching and humbling story. I learned that one day Siddhartha Gautama went outside and saw the suffering in the world, which ultimately led him looking to enlightenment to find the end…

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