Buddhism And Hinduism : Religion Essay

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In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, esthetics illuminates and complicates the category of religion by showing how people have shaped and expressed their different influences on things such as artwork in the Buddhist tradition and the deities in the Hindu tradition. Esthetics gives a clearer representation of a specific religion by showing exactly what something looks like to multitudes of people. Consequently, this makes it harder to establish a singular religion because so many people have changed it to mean something different to them personally. Buddhism and Hinduism are both religions who have experienced drastic expansions across cultures causing changes in both religions. As they were passed down from generation to generation they lost and gained different aspects. The esthetics of Buddhism give an outsider a deeper look into the basics of the religion and what one might be hoping to get out of the religion. For example, the Kyoto Gardens show that we are one with nature. They expand on the Buddha’s teaching that humanity is made up of all types of people and everything plays an important role in the meditation process leading to nirvana. Buddhism focuses on being involved with something bigger than the individual. The esthetics indicate that the religion is focused on looking away from oneself and that every element is involved in achieving the common goal. This clarifies the category of religion by explaining the goal for practicing Buddhism and what Buddhists want…

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