Buddhism: An Endless Cycle Of Reincarnation

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Register to read the introduction… It isn’t believed that Buddha created the world either. Buddhists believe that the world wasn’t created just one time many years ago, but that it has been created millions of times each second by itself in an orderly but chaotic way and it will break away by itself as well (What Buddhists Believe). Going along with that, Buddhists don’t believe that there was an actual beginning to the world or to human life. It is just an endless cycle of reincarnation. There is no real purpose but to live life and ultimately achieve nirvana. Nirvana is the elimination of desires and cravings and they believe that by doing this, they can escape suffering (Rose Publishing, p 174). When one dies, they are reincarnated. What they are reincarnated as depends on how well their life was lived. If one was a good and kind person, they will be reincarnated as a better human, but if they were mean during their life, they will get reincarnated as an animal (Le, 2016). In Buddhism, knowledge is gained through a series of works and scriptures. Aside from the collection of scriptures, families also teach Buddhists between right and wrong. Buddhism also has the Five Moral Precepts, which are: do not kill or harm anything living, do not steal, do not engage in sexual misconduct, do not lie and do not consume intoxicants, such as tobacco, alcohol or mind-altering …show more content…
He is the ultimate healer and only through His will can we be healed. (Stanley, 2014). In Buddhism, healing is found more through Karma. If one has been living a good life, he or she will have good karma and they are less likely to get sick. However, if they have been living a bad life, he or she will have bad karma, and that is the reason they get sick (Chen, 2016). In my opinion, I believe that a person is healed through Jesus Christ. Getting sick is not a punishment from God, it is a natural occurrence. By praying for healing, one can get healed. There are some instances in which He won’t heal us, but that is because He is ready for us to come home to be with …show more content…
However, like any religion, there are the extreme Christians and the not so extreme Christians. Those more on the extreme side will be much more concerned with modesty and not wanting their whole body exposed to multiple people, whereas Christians on the opposite end of the spectrum might be a little bit more lenient and not care as much. Those on the extreme side might also want to have a pastor visit them and have people pray with them, whereas the less extreme Christians might not need a pastor to visit and they will be fine praying by themselves or just with a few family members or friends. Buddhism also has extreme Buddhists and relaxed Buddhists. Those on the extreme end would be vegetarian or vegan because in Buddhism, they don’t believe in killing or taking things from animals. They would want to be able to meditate and pray. Others wouldn’t necessarily be vegetarian nor have any dietary restrictions, but they too will want to have time for meditation and prayer (ElGindy, 2013).
Christianity and Buddhism are two vastly different religions that have a different perspective on spiritual healing and how they would like to be cared for by their health care provider. Christians have one God that they pray to and they believe in Heaven and Hell. Buddhists also have one god that they pray and meditate to, but they believe in reincarnation instead of Heaven and Hell. Due to the

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