Buddhism : A Variety Of Complex And Different Religions Essay

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Through out the world there are a variety of complex and different religions. Ranging from a variety of different historical tales, and a wide range of beliefs and traditions. Some religions are more easily understandable or reachable to a variety of different cultures. As religions transcend in many occasions from there place of origin and take deep roots in another area of the globe. Buddhism is one of those religions that were created in order to deliver a spiritual message and gather a following of individuals to view the faith as the one and only truth.
Buddhism began when a man of noble upbringing named Siddhartha Gautama abandoned his luxurious up bringing for a life of teachings and spirituality. From the day he was born a for sear told his father that his son would one day be a great ruler, or a great teacher. His father did not want his son to be a spiritual teacher so he shielded him away from the things that would cause that ripple in history. Alas no matter how hard is father tried what was meant to occur happened. It is believed that Gautama was “following a pattern not uncommon in India at this time, when the rigidities of a priest-dominated Hinduism are causing many to seek a more personal religion”(Gascoigne 1). Gautama upon leaving his noble life lived an extreme ascetic life; he did not eat, sleep, or bathe. He was of the mindset that if he did this action he would reach enlightenment and would have access to Nirvana. He unfortunately did not reach…

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