Bubonic Plague In The Modern World Essay

Bubonic Plague in the Modern World

Modern Countries Affected by the Plague

In the world today, plague still exists, but it’s not as common as it was in the past. According to the World Health Organization,”In 2013, there were 783 cases reported worldwide, including 126 deaths.” Plague still occurs in parts of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Most cases of the plague do occur in Africa, though. The countries where there are the most cases of plague are Peru, Madagascar, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Plague does occasionally occur in New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Colorado as well as other parts of the central and the western United States, but it’s very rare in the United States.

Modern Treatments and Solutions to the Plague

Today, plague is curable as long as the case comes in while the disease is in its early stages. If a person has symptoms of the plague, they should immediately go and
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It’s a disease caused by a bacteria found on infected fleas that are found on rodents It has serious, dangerous, and painful symptoms and effects. The most notable symptom of bubonic plague are the buboes, which are swollen lymph nodes. The ways humans have dealt with bubonic plague has evolved over time. In the 14th century, millions died to plague while today only mere thousands die. Humans weren’t able to treat and cure the plague back then, but modern medicines have created cures and treatments for the plague. Most treatments during the 14th century were excruciatingly painful. In the Middle Ages, bubonic plague spread quickly over a vast area of land due to a lack of sanitation while it’s uncommon in modernized and clean countries. In conclusion, bubonic plague isn’t a major disease and serious concern as it once was, but scientists fear that a more deadly and infectious disease will wipe millions of people just like the Black Death in the 14th and 15th

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