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As mentioned in the letter before, I will be carrying out a series of testing. These tests are the cooper run, a Vo2 max test, the multi-stage fitness test and body fat percentage tests, there are two body fat percentage tests.
The Cooper 12 minute run is a popular maximal running test of aerobic fitness, in which participants try and cover as much distance as they can in 12 minutes. The purpose of it is to test the individual’s anaerobic fitness, meaning the ability of the body to use oxygen to power the muscles whilst running. The way the test is set up is that cones are set up at several intervals around the track. The track will be a 100m2 rectangle/square. Participants are to run for 12 minutes around the specified area, they are
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The tests will be conducted in a private area (a classroom). All we need to carry out the test is a skin fold calliper and an assistant (me). The test is done by me measuring the right side of the participant’s body in specific areas which will be detailed later. I will pinch the skin with the thumb and index finger and measure with the calliper, (calliper measures it millimetres). This will be repeated at each site. The sites are… * Triceps- the participants arm is in a natural position by their side. I will then pinch the skin in between the shoulder and elbow * Subscapular- I will take the measurement from just below the shoulder blade * Biceps- the arm will be in a natural position again and take the measurement from in-between the should and elbow but on the front of the arm * Suparilliac- taken from just above the hip

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