Essay on Btec Lever 3 in Customer Service

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1.1 Explain how different methods of promoting products and/or services impact on customer service delivery
Selling to consumers or other businesses, developing an effective sales strategy is the first step to persuading customers to part with their money. In particular, we need to identify which customers to focus the efforts on, the sales methods that will be use to reach them and how we will price the product or service.
It is essential to plan carefully how to approach and make the pitch to customers. Careful preparation can help to demonstrate how the product will benefit the customer, handle any objections and close the sale.
Personal recommendations can be one of the most effective forms of publicity. This is why we must
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That means going deeper than accepting what they customer says he or she wants.
While it's a good idea to try to exceed customer expectations we need to remember that expectations do NOT reflect what the customer wants -- only that they refer to what they expect to encounter.

In specifying requirements we will encounter a number of categories by which requirements can be prioritised to ensure that the most valuable / significant / mandatory items are focused on before the lesser wants and that expectations are only delivered if project time and budget allow.
In its simplest form priority is typically: MUST have, SHOULD have and COULD have (which equate to need, want and expect).

Must have - These are requirements that are fundamental to the successful delivery of the project's objectives, i.e. the minimum usable subset. Without them the system or service is unusable. It is essential to be critical of all "Must Have" requirements and when assigning this priority the business should be told that the significance lies in the statement "Without them the system or service is unusable."
Should have - This category covers important requirements that deliver significant value to the business but can be omitted if time constraints threaten delivery, i.e. the delivered solution will still be usable and meet its critical objectives without them.
Could have - These are requirements that enhance the capability of

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