Btec Business L3 Unit 2 P2/M2 Essay

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I have been asked to describe the main employability and personal and communication skills required when applying for a job as customer service assistant at JD sports (P2).After that I will assess the importance of employability , and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in JD’s(M2).

The role of customer service assistant:

Customer service assistant is working directly with a company's customers, answering questions, providing information, performing research and handling complaints. Because they are often a company's main source of continual customer contact, it's important that they have a high level of specific skills.

* Skills are the ability to do things as from driving a car to
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All employees of an organization have different personalities and it is important to be as adaptable as possible in order to effectively communicate with one another. This is also an important part of teamwork. Goal setting is a very important personal and business skill that covers many areas. If you are someone who sets goals for yourself and works hard to achieve them, this will probably cross over into the way in which you conduct business. Achieving large goals involves setting smaller ones, then working your way up to those that are larger in scope. This is also essential for good teamwork.
Also if a employer had good grades at school that is mean that he/ she is really capable and can help the business to succeed.

* Employability skills

Every job requires a person with a different range of skills, some specialist skills are needed for particular jobs, and how every not all jobs require specialist skill. Employability skills are skills that are useful to a wide variety of careers.

Suitable qualification

Skills are learnt throw training and at the end of training a qualification is given. Different jobs require different types of qualifications depending on the job. Some employers will be happy to take on applicants with GCSE qualifications, when others may require a high level of qualification for more specific skills, such as NVQ qualifications.

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