Bshs382 Research Proposal Essay

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Research Proposal

Research Proposal
Head Start and their Success Rates

Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to 5 from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. (Administration for Children and Families, na) The Head Start program was started in 1965 by Jule Sugarman who was its creator and director. It was first thought of as a catch up Summer program for low income children who were not ready to start Kindergarten. The program would teach the children what they needed to catch up to start Kindergarten the following year. (Wikipedia, Feb, 2011)
The Head Start Program has been under fire in recent years because recent studies
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It is equally important that both the social-emotional and the physical health of the child are examined in addition to their learning abilities. Our study will determine whether Head Start has produced measurable positive outcomes for the enrolled children and their parents and compare the results to those who did not attend Head Start but come from a similar social-economic background. In collecting data for the question we will put together a survey with appropriate questions and focus on the following elements of the study: the child’s pre-academic proficiency, the urban or rural location, the parent’s mental health status, and whether or not the child has any special needs. The survey will be given to randomly selected clients for completion. Once the surveys have been completed and returned an analysis of the data will be completed.
Ethical Considerations
While doing research on Head Start and the success rate of the program, ethical considerations must be included in the design of the research project. An ethical code requires researchers to know about ethical issues and to apply several measures to prevent ethical problems from occurring in his or her studies. Ethical problems that could happen during Team A’s research could include invading the participants privacy, or misrepresenting the

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