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Introduction to the Report
Our team Group E of Industry 1 was consisted of following three members: 1. Nirius Irani 2. Masoud Alawi 3. Claudio Ramirez
I would not say we fared well in our BSG game and there were multiple reasons that contributed to our final rank. To be honest we could not understand the game at all and when we started to understand it, the game had been over for us. We analysed our performance and below are some of our reflections and lessons learnt.
Our strategy was to keep the cost low but we did not plan properly to meet the increased forecasted demands that made us to stand at the last position in the competition.

Our Strategy (Year 11 – Year 16)
During the initial 6 years we were still trying to
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Undoubtedly we did very well in that market, but that unfortunately diverted us from the wholesale market. We feel that our strategy was not well formed and we kept diverting.

Internet Sales Market We realized that there were not many variation in the statistics of the Internet Sales Market so we also established a trust relationship and did not vary our costs much. Until year 20 we were had a fair share of the internet market. Plant Capacity and Construction By year 16 we had finished all our plant expansions and construction. Year 16 onwards our goal was simple, use the capacity to it maximum potential and if profitable used the plant on overtime and produce shoes for the private label market. Furthermore we had to pay off our loans as soon as possible. By the close of year 20 we had paid of all our loans in an attempt to raise the credit rating of Company C. Marketing Strategy Midway into the game we realized that spending excessively on corporate citizenship was not positively impacting our market share and was almost a waste of money so we gradually cut down on our expenses at that end. Furthermore we observed that our marketshare wasn’t very high so we benchmarked the market leaders. They were spending excessively on celebrity sponsorships, so we followed suit.

Our Mistakes and Realizations
Our Mistakes and Realizations

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