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BSBWRT401A Write complex documents

Assessment 1.


Activity 1: Determine the purpose of documents

You work for a financial planning organisation that manages thousands of client’s portfolios and accounts. Recently there have been several changes in the industry that only affects clients who have share portfolios. For some clients, the changes will have a negative effect on their investments and for other clients, this will mean that they will be receiving good news.
You have been asked to write a document to all clients that asks them to attend an information session regarding the changes that will affect their share portfolio performance.
1. Describe the purpose of this document. (For example, is it
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Appropriateness – Use of language and writing style to reflect the needs of the audience
Coherence – Professional looking document that makes sense
Brevity – not too long
Forcefulness – Prove that your idea, message or information is valid. Write convincingly and with confidence.

2. Every composition, whether it is a short business letter, an article in a magazine, a set of instructions, or a long report, should be undertaken in four stages. Describe those four stages
1. Think – Look at who the readers are and analyse their needs. -Decide what your readers need to know.

2. Plan - Decide what to include in the composition to make it work. write a draft or an outline of the work with one main point per paragraph Decide on any tables, graphs or figures to be used

3.Write – write quickly, use effective headings and keep to the point.

4. Check your report - Proof read your work to check for mistakes and if possible use somebody to edit your work.

Activity 6: Ensure data, information and knowledge is aggregated, interpreted and summarised to prepare text that satisfies document purposes and objectives and include graphics as appropriate

1. Summarise the structure of a long report.
Cover page
Title page
Covering letter or memo
Contents page
List of figures, list of tables
Body (introduction, discussion, conclusion,

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