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To demonstrate competence in this unit you will need to show that you can design and develop a project plan. Your task is to select an idea, improvement or opportunity that could be applied in a business operation. Describe the business and the project you might initiate. You will need to describe and define the project in context. Explain why such a project would be beneficial. What procedures might you use to ensure that the project was sponsored and supported by the organisation?
Define the project, write a project narrative and develop a project plan, including the processes that would be used to manage financial, technical, human and physical resources.
In developing your project plan, consider:
1. Who are your project’s
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You are required to provide a bibliography/ reference list for this project.
Upload your answer for assessment.

Introduction 0
Organisational Objectives 0
Project Approach 0
Project Scope 0
Project Milestones 1
Work Breakdown Structure 1
Draft Design 1
Design 1
Photography 1
Coding & Review 1
Finalisation of Design and Coding 1
Final Review & Testing & Approval 1
Training 1
Website Launch 1
Review and Testing 1
Budget & Cost Management Plan 2
Cost Management Plan 2
Budget 2
Budget Summary 2
Budget Breakdown 2
Project Tools 2
Communications Management Plan 3
Quality Management Plan 3
Risk Management Plan 3
Contingency Plan 3
References 3
Project Approvals 4
Appendix A 0

The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant has recently approved the development of a website to move their marketing online. The website will aim to capture another audience and market share to draw further attention to The Twilight Zone‘s services and menus and increase customer service with the ability to place orders online.
By introducing a modern and stylish website, The Twilight Zone can position itself as an industry leader in fine Take Always. The website will highlight catering packages, menus, photos of dishes and setups, and also have the ability to pay for deliveries online when an order is placed. There will also be the ability to track the order

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