Essay about BSBMGT516C Facilitate continuous improvement

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Facilitate continuous improvement

Question & Answer

1. How would you inform team members of the outcomes of continuous improvement proceses?

Mediums to be used in order to inform team members of the outcomes of continuous improvement processes could be in the form of a soft copy such as e- mail, sms, a power point presentation, or an Intranet platform as well as in the shape of a hard copy like personalised letters and general newsletters. For outcomes concerning the entire team a staff meeting is to be considered at which any of the above mentioned media can be used to accomplish and support the outcomes presentation. Graphs and
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The company needs to work out a strategic plan on how to get back on track and Mary needs to ensure that she will receive support from the CEO. The company could pursue help from experts and company advisors. In any case Mary needs to write out Job descriptions for team leaders and operators, feedback forms, policies and procedures regarding customer service and a training program. This would clarify job requirements, expectations and service standards. In the training she should include sustainability measures in order to save the company some money and to not waste any resources. She has to put a system into place with which to monitor the policies and of course she needs to evaluate the same. Since she manages a call centre it seems logical to simply record the calls in order to assist the team, not to judge and blame!! Once these steps have been taken she needs to call in meetings, I would suggest once a week for the first month . In the meetings she needs to inform everybody of the changes and make sure everybody receives the for them relevant information (such as the different job descriptions for call centre operators and team leaders and the new goals) and understands it. She can set up a buddy system for support and mutual help. She needs to gain the trust of the team and set up a social program so that everybody feels confident to provide their input and get actively involved in decisions and interested in progress. Also

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