Bsb115 Assessment 3 Essay

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Body Soap

Assessment Item 3
BSB115 - Management

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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Problem Defined 3 Problem Analysis 4 Leading 4 Controlling 5 Environmental Factors 5 Conclusion 6 Recommendations 6 Bibliography 7

Cleanse is an Australian body soap company who produce and wholesale their products out to supermarket chains such as Woolworths and Coles. The company has been operating for over 3 years and has established a head office in Brisbane and Sydney with over 200 employees in its Australian operations. In addition to its Australian operations, Cleanse also has a branch in Delhi, India where they produce the same product and wholesale Cleanse products
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Doing business in India is a little different to Australia, the managers are stricter and a lot of companies take a ‘no-nonsense’ approach towards their workers. This is largely due to companies not wanting to fail or lose profits (Kumar & Sethi, 2005). In the business field, Indian employees are always looking for advancement in a business, sometimes if they realise that they’ll be stuck with one job title for the long term then they are likely to leave the job in pursuit of a better opportunity (Cappelli, Singh, Singh, & Useem, 2010). These factors will have a major impact on Cleanse and if line managers keep quitting then as stated before, it could turn into a critical threat to the branch in Delhi.

The first aspect of management used to investigate why the four line managers have quit working at the Delhi branch is Leading. One of the most important topics for business success today is leadership. The attitudes and behaviours of the leaders of a business play a major role in shaping employee attitudes, such as their job satisfaction and organisational commitment (Samason & Daft, 2012). Different leaders act in different ways depending on the individual as well as the employees that they are

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