BSA 385 Week 3 Individual Assignment Essay

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Technical Article Document: Frequent Shopper Program

Frequent Shopper Program: Technical Article Document Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a specialty food store chain in California. Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) was contacted by KFF to develop a Frequent Shopper Program (FSP). The FSP will be able to monitor client purchasing history and accumulate the history as redeemable loyalty points which clients can use for gift items and other products or services available through external partner companies. The Sales and Marketing page section of KFF’s intranet site describes the strategic purpose of the FSP.
SSC will provide IT services and of course consulting. Some other things would be developmental solutions, strengthening,
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Web Server – A front end website will enable customers to purchase products, see new products, obtain points and rewards information, and change their customer profile. The web site will be the online portal for the customers into the Kudler Fine Foods stores. The web server can become heavily loaded if the FSP is a success. For future-proofing, the web server will have an Intel I5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of storage.
Membership Card – Cards embedded with bar codes will be used to quickly obtain customer information at the stores. Bar codes will be scanned and automatically matched with the information gathered from the local and central databases.
Bar Code Scanners – Kudler will use and update existing POS systems and bar code scanners and install them to those without.
Routers, Switches, Hubs, and Hardware Firewalls – These peripherals are necessary to create a high throughput, and secure network.

Hardware must be compatible and capable to interact without conflict with upgraded equipment. The network wired with CAT6 cabling and DSL will provide adequate speed for processing data. The network should permit customer orders into the central database where inventories are adjusted and suppliers are notified if inventories drop below set quantities. Securing the network from unauthorized access is a definite requirement, but includes the capability to interact safely from the web and web store customers. Firewall and security

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