Essay about Bruxism

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Save Your Smile, Stop Grinding!

By Charles Harrison


Table of Contents

Introduction – What is Bruxism?
What Happens if My Bruxism Is Not Treated?

Chapter 1: About Bruxism
How Do I Find Out if I Suffer From Bruxism? The Bite Strip Hair Analysis

Chapter 2: What Causes Bruxism?
Drug Induced Bruxism Amphetamines and Psycho Stimulants Antidepressants Bruxism Induced by Malocclusion Frustration, Lifestyle Stress and Anger

Chapter 3: The Best Way to Sleep
How you should be laying in your bed

Chapter 4: Simple Relaxation Techniques
Breathing Exercises Ventilation & Breathing More About Breathing Exercises Meditation Acquiring a Meditative Focus

Chapter 5: Oral Health in Relation to Teeth
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The type of doctor you will ultimately need is determined by the cause of your bruxism. As previously touched upon, causes of bruxism include: • malfunctioning neurons • drugs • stress • misaligned jaw (called malocclusion) • abnormal sleep issues A misaligned jaw may be the result of how your skeleton is naturally formed or trauma. In both cases, this results in malocclusion. Drugs and stress can also cause bruxism. How these induce the bite reflex that causes teeth grinding will also be discussed later on in greater detail. It is important to understand the basic causes, and to examine your own situation to identify which of these causes may or may not apply to you so you can seek the proper treatment.

What Happens if My Bruxism Is Not Treated?
Usually, people who grind their teeth will do so sideways. This flattens the teeth, removing the hard outer surface of the teeth, called enamel, and dulling your teeth. Left untreated, bruxism can cause many unwanted conditions in the mouth and jaw, including – • • • • • • • • tooth loss weakened gums gradually deteriorating oral health muscle pain headaches arthritis of the jaw tooth decay general breakdown of the teeth

Along with these symptoms, you may notice the following – • • • • pain in your jaw sensitive teeth overtired and sore jaw muscle lack of refreshing sleep, even during naps 5

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