Brutus : The Assassination Of Caesar Essay

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Brutus, before the assassination of Caesar. Brutus was the son of a great military general, and a great military general himself. He was always seen as loyal to Caesar and a good friend to him as well. He would always bring in many people that Caesar requested to bring him from war and they have had no conflicts in their work, so why would Brutus all of a sudden turn on Caesar like he did? There is context that shows what happens and tells how it happened. Brutus was not the one who had the conflicts. So was Brutus convinced or did he really turn? That is what this document is going to talk about.

“In “Julius Caesar” Brutus has internal struggles about his feelings for Caesar. Part of the problem within Brutus is the fact that he can be easily influenced, a fact that Cassius is aware of. Thus Cassius persuades Brutus that Caesar Is “ambitious” and desires to be crowned as king and become a tyrant. –Enotes” So if Cassius knew that Brutus is easily persuaded, why would she do something to ruin his life and many others? Because Brutus was close to Caesar. So was it Brutus that was scared of Caesar being crowned king or was it Cassius? Cassius keeps persuading Brutus that Caesar has tyrannical tendencies. Some examples of his tyrannical tendencies are when Caesar went to war with Pompey who used to be allies with Rome. Then when Caesar and Mark Antony enter Rome together. Caesar make the people desperate for a new king by teasing them Caesar makes a show of Antony trying to…

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